Tuesday, April 14, 2009

some really old tracks off the dusty old nautical almanac!

The Projection Company started out and remained just that- a projection unit headed by Anthony Miller with friends and fellow projection artists: Leif Ritchey, Beck Young, and Spencer Bryant soon to funk out of wack at the close of the tour-199? spindling into our own projects. I put together this crew quickly and really wasn't waiting for anybody to go because Nautical Almanac wasn't waiting either and that would be who I was to travel side by side with projecting my films during, before or after they're sets to be played. The Projection Company consisted of my 16mm and 8mm films somewhat modified, Leif and Spencer's slides of paintings and the various articles of transcendental garbage and Beck's overhead projector-live drawings that made you feel like you might have to raise your hand to go to the bathroom all the while being so bright that it would blast out all other projections. Basically when we turned the lights out she turned them back on and we all fought tooth and nail with her but yet we liked what she was doing.
Meanwhile Nautical almanac would be arranging an elaborate setup that consisted of a set played. Nautical Almanac made up a band of traveling gypsies though still a band nothing like this setup, just a newer morph of the amazing macabre-into the future with these past individuals that made up the band you have Nate Young: disgruntled and pissed off famous artist and Rock Star, Solomon Meltzer: M.D., Karly Ptak: Baltimore's Renowned Psychic and Physician, and finally Twig James Hurly Harper: non-degenerative recluse and U.H.F. fanatic.
For more info about what Twig is doing these days you should really look at this site even if you already have!

The music on the tape holds a brilliant compilation of recorded non compositional sound matter. Onboard is the likes of all that are mentioned aboved but not synced in any particular way than just happening in a couple of days landing all on one tape. We have me recording solo in my van, me and Nate in a gothic cavern before we compounded Mini System witch was conceived during the above mentioned tour, Mini System itself made it on there, different jams with Twig and some other people and Bitchen Summer with Gabriel Hiese recording an Alice Cooper cover 'Yeah, Yeah , Yeah from the 'Killer' album. I hold this collection close to my hand near a tape deck!